Cancellation policy

Please understand we operate 1 on 1 service.When an appointment is cancelled at the last minute it is very hard to fill the time slot. A freelance stylists may have come in especially for your appointment.

You can cancel or change your appointment, with no penalty up to 24hrs before your appointment time.If you cancel with less than 24hrs notice, a fee will apply as follows:

$33 haircuts $66 colours $99 cut & colour

You will be sent a payment link to pay via PayPal within 7 days. You will not be able to book in for any other services until this account is paid.

Late Appointments

Please call ASAP on 0488998802 if you know you will be running late. We will do our best to complete your service in the time remaining, however we can not guarantee this. Appointments may be deemed a no show if not enough time is remaining and the cancellation fee may be applied at the stylists discretion.

*Please note, we run by a booking system that states a service time. This is not an indication of how long the service will take but a guide so we can keep to a schedule.

Service Satisfaction

Why we offer redo’s and not refunds.

We strive to please you and give you exactly what you want with your desired look, however admittedly we are human. If you think, there’s something that isn’t quite right with our service or the outcome of your service you are entitled to have redo of the original agreed style.

Eye Am Hair is owned by Chelsea De Main and operated by freelance hairdressers. If you have feedback, this will be forwarded onto the independent hairdresser that carried out your service.

We encourage honest polite & direct feedback and appreciate the opportunity for constructive feedback.

The first process for complaints is to contact detailing your feedback and attaching before & after pictures of your hair and any reference pictures that were used during the consultation.

The feedback will be forwarded onto the hairdresser that carried out the service for an opportunity to redo the service. Redo’s must be carried out by the same hairdresser that carried out the service and contact made within 48hrs of receiving the service. No hard feelings, sometimes these things happen and they will be the best person to fix it for you.

If the outcome of this is not to your satisfaction a further email can be sent to