"Helping people to think outside the salon."

“Eye Am Hair salon has a permanent base in Hobart in Red Square, Macquarie Point!

This fully functional hairdressing salon in the form of a copper clad caravan offers an experience that is truly unique.

The team that work at Eye Am Hair have been carefully handpicked for their skill and fun loving personalities. They are masters of their game and each have experience in the industry both nationally and internationally. All trained in the Curly Girl Method of haircutting and curl specialists with a clientele of 65% curly people.

You can be assured these hair gurus know what they are doing with your mane and are also a little eccentric, up to date with the latest trends and open to alternative concepts. You can check out their profiles when you book with them here.”

-Hairdresser, salon owner & director Chelsea De Main


Eye Am hair is a gender neutral salon with highly creative hair artists that can do both alternative and more classic hair styles depending on your taste.

Services at this top hair salon include haircuts, hair colours, hair treatments (including the anti frizz smoothing treatment keratin), hair washing and blow-drying, braiding, organic perming, beard grooming, styling and wedding hair.

how we like to think outside the salon

SILENT NIGHTS at RED SQAURE - A weekly, ongoing installation.

By popular demand we have started a regular silent session every Thursday Night. You can press pause and relax, while we cut or colour your hair and look after your well being in a meditative environment. We are covering the mirrors and allowing you to tune out while you tune into your senses and don’t have any pressure to talk.

THE 1 ON 1 EXPERIENCE- standard.

All the attention, all the talent of your hairdresser working with you, one on one, on all your hairs.

Instead, enjoy a relaxed and intimate  experience where all of your busy city, snotty nosed salon fears are banished and you treat yourself to the hot seat of your hairdresser.

MYSTERY MANES- optional.

We allow you to have the choice, to not choose.

You can opt to let us take control of your mane and submit your hair as art. Let us have our way with your hairs and give you a show stopping new look without having to make any decisions.

Just let us know in the comments section when you book online.

events and festivals

We also do music festivals and events and have gained quite a following in the past few years on the mainland set up at festivals such as Lorne Falls, Rainbow Serpent, Laneway, to name a few and now Tasmania has led us onto Marion Bay Falls Festival, Mona Foma, Huon Valley Mid Winter Festival and A Festival Called Panama.

Most recently, Eye Am Hair has created several performance art concepts either operating independently among festival sites or under their umbrella as installations.

Huon Valley Mid Winter Festival 12/7-15/7/19

Celebrating the Let the Pagan Parlour do the work for you with a range of styling including creative hair art, haircuts, braids and hair tattoos.

The Silent Salon- Mona Foma, Hobart 2018.

Festival attendees at Mona were able to submit their hair as art and partake in the first of the the hair salon/art installation concepts. The windows and mirrors were blackened of the van, punters sat in near darkness, a deeply ambient music soundscape was created by Ashley Bartholomew and mystery manes were born.

The Submissive Salon - Red Square, Hobart 2018 & 2019

We explored the idea of letting go and allowing the hair & make up artists and massage therapists to create in a red dungeon that celebrated the darkness of the winter solstice.

It's a dream come true to be able to do our craft in such incredible locations and meet extraordinary people.

The Terhairium- Mona Foma, Launceston 2019

Art installation, come hair salon experience held 18/1-20/1/19 at the 2019 Mona Foma festival in Launceston.

The experience explored the physical, emotional and psychological experiences that arise through our connection to nature within the salon space. As an artwork, it allowed the participants to reflect upon the relevance of being in the natural world and it’s potential reinterpretation for everyday experiences. As a salon experience, it was a complete reinterpretation of how hairdressing can use nature to nourish our hair, body and soul.

Installations- Directed by Ashley Bartholomew, Produced by Eye Am Hair


In addition to providing a unique service at festivals around the country, Eye Am Hair is an innovative on location wedding hair styling solution.

Imagine a hairdresser that is completely confident and is able to come to you!

Our signature style is effortless looks that allow people to be the best version of their natural selves – be it a bohemian style or a vintage glam design.Our passion, love and flair for wedding hairdressing will ensure your day runs smoothly and with a relaxed and fun loving vibe.


She is an architecturally designed, climate controlled caravan salon that provides all the comforts of a world class salon. It's intimate, it's unique, its innovative and a little bit different.

Designed using around 90% of recycled materials and is a true work of art.

Eye Am Hair has been up and running since 2015 as a way to change how we can experience hairdressing. There were things that just didn't work for me, such as conforming to the norm. As a result of this, I started thinking about how much I loved hairdressing and what I could take out of mainstream salon environments that aren't essential for operating and what doesn't work for me. A caravan seemed the perfect place to decentralize hairdressing culture that appeals to people who like to do things a little differently....


We are proud to be an organic salon. We are constantly working on minimising our impact on the environment by donating the hair we cut to a permiculture waste inintitaive as part of Mac Point. They then use the hair for the worm farm. We have many indoor plants in our space to clean the air and are surrounded by Australia’s biggest edible native & European garden precinct at Red Square in a step towards reconciliation & interrgration of community. We also recycled foil and are aiming for zero waste with all products available in glass amber packaging, recycled cardboard and recycled aluminum colour tubes.

OWAY, our chosen brand of hair colour range and styling products, stands for the necessary future for best ethical practices and philosophy. Their environmental principles are truly inspiring, they grow their own ingredients using bio dynamic and organic farming practices, or source them ethically and their ingredients are all natural which don’t harm us or the planet and they source what they can’t grow through fair trade networks. The styling range is also not tested on animals, its vegan (bar 2 waxes ethically made with beeswax and bleach which is made with honey), Paraben, Sulphate free & toxin free.

You can find out more about the brand  we use here:


Red Square, is a hub, a unique venue space, and general great place to watch the sun go down with a drink in hand at Hobart Brewing Company. It’s the perfect rustic/industrial cultural hub match for Eye Am Hair and the other pop up businesses that have moved into the square.

The space is host to massive events in Hobart and new developments are looking to turn the area into a central cultural precinct of Tasmania.The caravan is surrounded by an impressive edible garden precinct in Red Sqaure consisting of natives and Europen herbs, plants and vegetables with Kunanyi (Mt Wellington) as a beautiful backdrop.

We are just a stone’s throw away from Hobart CBD, and the Waterfront booth national and international. Visit our contact page for our address.


Relaunched Eye Am Hair Caravan in Hobart, Red Square 2018

Ambassador and Educator for Evo, Cloud Nine and Hair Care Australia 2017- Current

Project Coordinator for Next Level BIBA Competition 2016

Project Manager for BIBA HAIR EXPO Stand 2016

HAIR EXPO/HBIA Winner of The Definition of Fashion Competition 2016

Launched Eye Am Hair Caravan in Melbourne 2015

BIBA Creative Team Platform Artist Wella Hair Show Auckland 2014

BIBA Creative Team Platform Artist Wella Hair Show Perth 2014

HBIA Open Bob-bronze Award 2014

Head Stylist Indigenous Unearthed Runway VAMFF March 2014

Head Stylist Curvy Couture Runway 2014

Raw Natural Born Artists Showcase and RAW Awards finalist 2013

HBIA Open Blonde-bronze Award 2013

IHS High Fashion Runway Collection- bronze 2013

IHS Senior Catwalk-bronze Award 2011

London Fashion Week Untold Collection Head Hair Stylist 2008 & 2009