What is Eye Am Hair and Who is Naughty Nancy?

They say that it is not about the destination but the journey... this has never rang truer than the day I decided I wanted to start a hair salon on wheels!

Every time I have ventured off in my mobile hairdressing caravan, Naughty Nancy, en' route to the next event or festival, there have been hairpin turns and curl-like twists along the way... things I couldn't have prepared for if I went to the Harvard school of business... The best lesson I've learned in all of this so far is that sometimes when you lose your way you do find yourself! You may also find some incredible people that are offering nothing more but their help to get you to the next point, the next destination, or the next festival.

All in all, I couldn't be happier with the route I've chosen and feel it's time to share a little bit about what Nancy and I have been up to...

Rewind back a year and I didn't know how to to tow the 20 foot beauty, Nancy. She has become a bit of an icon in the festival circuit doing hairdressing for both punters and backstage for musicians and performers.

At the start people sometimes laughed at my idea and thought I had maybe been inhaling too much peroxide to think this could work... this drove me to do it even more.

I had an incredible team of believers in my friends and family that became my support network and a few of them with talents in trades and business even helped me in building up my business from scratch. The others have held me up when I melt down and help put back the pieces of my soul sometimes. I know I couldn't achieve what I have without these people around me.

The more I've found myself putting our services and my business out there, the more I get back in the way of people that gravitate towards us with similar creative enterprises and journeys that they are undertaking themselves.

It then ends up that festivals have become this melting pot of natural flow, inspiration, and magnetic influences that come back to me in the shape of beautiful clients, conscious fellow hairdressers with gypsy hearts, who have worked in the caravan and who are aware of the positive change we can have on the lives of others just by being present and offering ourselves and our skills to a community that is for the duration of the festival and possibly beyond, free from the confines of their minds and the rulebook of how hair, happiness, and harmony should be.

The colour we can bring to the lives of people that we meet and connections we create are powerful and real! We have an incredible gift in this field of hairdressing. We are healers that go more than skin deep!

So, festival hairdressing is now a thing!

Eye Am Hair is something we all are!

We are going hair, there, and everywhere and we are letting our hair down and freeing our mind from control!

Do what you dare, whether it be how you wear your hair, or live your life without a care!

I have a long way to go until I have a business that doesn't keep me awake at night with both wonder and worry, it's still my baby. I now also have baby number two which is my pop up hair studio space, so there will be many restless nights ahead, but I couldn't feel more like a proud parent and it does get easier with practice...

I also recently made it through to the final round of Shark Tank with my business! I actually got to met the producers who loved my concept and even though I haven't made it further onto the tv show, at this stage i'm pretty stoked to have gotten this far!

I'm at another crossroads in my journey and have come to realise this is an inevitable reoccurence that comes with the terrain. Im going to keep the drive that I have alive and see what way the wind blows.

There's always next season in TV, festivals, education, the weather, and our lives and damn I'm glad for that!

Lastly if you have crossed paths with Naughty Nancy or the team of Eye Am Hair at a festival or event we would love to hear your feedback and experiences in our comments. Or maybe you have a hairy dream of your own? Please share because I care xxx