Rainbow Serpent – we’re coming.

To ensure that no Melbournian with a ticket to Rainbow Serpent Festival 2016 is capable of focusing on anything other than party planning this week, the good people of Ceres Community Park in Brunswick hosted the troops for a pre festival market the weekend prior.

Eye Am Hair went along to set up camp outside the nursery and give the city kids a mini festival experience before the debauchery begins in Beaufort on 22 January.

“My locks needed a little pre party love so I stopped by Naughty Nancy for a trim and a style,” said Eliza Crowe, from her seat in the copper clad caravan at Ceres on Saturday. “Good tunes, smiling faces – much cooler than a hair salon.”

For the stallholders, the Rainbow Serpent Urban Market is an opportunity to show the punters what they can expect to see during the four days of festivities.

“We’ve got the official Rainbow lycra bodysuit,” said Simon Dower. “You could buy a drink bottle, you could buy a stubby holder or, you could rock out on the dance floor in a Soul Del Mar and Melissa Williams bodysuit!”

Husband and wife team, Simon and Mara, used the Ceres weekend market to launch their brand new bodysuit business.

In addition to sexy wearable Rainbow merch, the duo sell Mara’s one-off design bodysuits, which are hand stitched by Simon’s mum – an embroidery teacher.

“If I head up to help out with the Rainbow shop it’ll be my 13 year,” said Simon. “We do have another party the following weekend though…I’m pretty sure if we ditch the kids twice it makes us bad parents.”

Around the corner from Simon and Mara, another Rainbow devote gave market goers the chance to look incredible in a different kind of wares.

Fizzy Fingers’ designer Rebecca Rutter said she hopes that people feel amazing when they don a piece from her collection.

"They’re not exclusively for the dance floor,” says Rutter. “You just have to be a little bit brave.”


Rutter uses material sourced from all over the globe to create bold, fun, eclectic outfits that have become a necessary addition to any party worth going to. The same can be said for the Fizzy Fingers’ Founder.

“At the moment my creative process is a bit unstoppable,” says Rutter. “I do lots of travel and I have heaps of shit in my head – I never really struggle with ideas – I just feel like I have to work really quickly to get them all out.”

Rutter describes the new range of onesies, fascinators, jackets and jewels she’ll be debuting at Rainbow as ‘Hill-tribe Street-ware and Deep Vision Suits.”

“At the moment I’m in the studio alone 12 to 14 hours a day. I’ve got no new music so I’ve been listening to the same play list on repeat,” she says. “There’s six of us working the stall so I should be able to spend a bit of time on the dance floor.”

Rutter said for her it’s all about Monday.

“Bring something ridiculous to wear on the last day,” she says. “Don’t look pretty – get weird.”

Sarah Seahorse is another familiar face to those who frequent the festival scene or dig a bit of alternative fashion. She teamed up with Fruitstoop at Ceres in the lead up to the big event.

Sarah sells sea shells…no…Sarah sells handmade, jewelry which she creates from recycled goods sourced primarily from dumpster diving missions.

“We’re a collective,” says Sarah. “We’ve got weird, resin food art necklaces and colourful femme tassel earrings.”

Seahorse and Fruitstoop’s stuff will be alongside Fizzy Finger’s, Goo Life’s, Penny Drop’s and Lollop Clothing’s dazzling delights at the Electric Lycra Land grandstand, across from The Playground Stage.

“My Rainbow advice is don’t take it too seriously,” says Sarah. “Everyone should have a good fun party light, good snacks, good friends and a hot glue gun for renegade craft – my best activity is crafting treasure gifts from discarded trash.”

Sarah says it’s also important to show a bit of skin whenever possible.

“Oh there’s no such thing as too little clothing,” she says. “Get em off and get confident in your beautiful body!”

There is a strong community spirit amongst the festival stallholders and Sarah says hopes all the Rainbow punters will embrace the same vibe.

“My advice to all is to enjoy one another!” she says. “Oh and sober is fun too – natural highs guys!”

Eye Am Hair is setting up camp at Rainbows Village Sideshow Fiasco to tame you tresses and give you a little TLC.

Were offering cuts, wraps, massages, blow dries, super fresh styles and glitters.

Bookings can be made from Thursday onwards.

For a full service menu CLICK HERE.